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Stuck in Traffik

...so you don't have to be...

3 July 1978
So, I'm a geek. The computer I'm typing this on I built, I program, and I like word puzzles and logic problems. I'm also something of a jack of all trades - I pick up useless skills as fast as I pick up useless trivia.

I fancy myself something of a writer - which if I were unemployed would mean I was just too proud an actor to wait tables, as the joke goes. Really, though, my aspirations would lean towards writing over acting - acting, for me, was just a larf.

I work tech support, and am currently chairman for a local convention, Anime Detour. Maybe you've heard of it? ...No? Not even the guy wearing the Utena shirt? Awww... Seriously, with an attendance of 1200 our first year I'm sure I'm actually making an impression. We're going into year four now and it looks like it's gonna be fantastic.

Online I run by the handle Danor, though I've found others who use it too. Stuck in Traffik comes from our AMV studio name. Details for all that can be found at www.animemusicvidos.org.

It's been pointed out that I should update this, as I've now been married to the Lady Armand for over a year. She's beautiful, she's fantastic, and obviously a little delusional since she settled for me. ;) She runs Volunteers at the convention.

I think that's good for a start.