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Jo Says Go...

So, in response to revolutionaryjo's meme, I present to you the whole five things thing...

- Being AD's Fearless Leader
Kinda self-explanatory. Our previous leader had gotten to the point where he needed to start sloughing off his responsibilities, and going into the meeting I knew if we left without an order of succession we were going to tank. So I sucked it up and agreed. I won't say it's all been roses, but it has been amazing to see how people have responded to me as chairman. I'm not going to do it forever, but as long as I'm here I'll do my best for the staff and for AD.

- Oogie Boogie
He was cool, wasn't he? The whole thing grew out of an idea of putting up Christmas lights for Halloween and then dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus to give out candy. The idea twisted and morphed and became a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' party on the lawn. And if we were doing Nightmare Before Christmas, I had to do Oogie because he was too cool. Lauren made the costume and he is phenomenal, especially considering it's her first costume!

- Family Videos
This started because my mom wanted to make a video for her sister Carole's birthday, and then it snowballed. Mom's always been the shutterbug of the family, and since I had the software to do AMVs and other vids she roped me into helping. So far we've done them for Carole, my Cousin Peter, my Grandmother, my sister, my father, my mother and they did one for me. Lauren and I also did one for her cousin Jay's funeral, which was extremely difficult, but I think one of the best ones we did.

- Kenziepuppy
I grew up with animals, but I've always been more of a dog person. Now that we have a house, I was ready to get a dog, but Lauren never had dogs growing up. So the compromise was that we'd get a smaller dog, something like Ein in Cowboy Bebop. So when the time came, Lauren found some corgi breeders and I drove out to meet our little pup and she came home with me the same day!

- Home-Brewed Soda
Lauren and I both like premium sodas, the Sprechers and the Weinhart stuff (we just found Spring Grove Soda, and those are delicious!), and recently we met a guy who brewed his own, which got us interested. Lauren got me the basic equipment for Christmas, and I've tried my hand a few times now, to middling results. Lauren and I are going to try again for a root beer in the near future.


"I'm not going to do it forever, but as long as I'm here I'll do my best for the staff and for AD."

Your best is very, very good indeed. People like you and want to make you happy, which is probably the best kind of leader to be.
Yeah, I might have to disagree with Machiavelli here. I know he said it is better to be feared than loved (because a man loves by his own decree, but you can make a man fear you), and that the best was to be both loved and feared, but I can't operate like that. I really don't like being feared, so if my best is Machiavelli's worst, I can live with that.

Thanks for pushing me into this.
"Thanks for pushing me into this."

Hey, it had to be done. I knew it, you knew it, and the American People Board of Directors knew it. Look at it as an act of mercy, if you will - if I had chaired 2007, I probably would have wound up in the hospital earlier for a longer stay. And that's the best case.
So I sucked it up and agreed.

Few greater deeds, O Captain. ;)
You know what they say - some men are born mediocre, some aspire to mediocrity, and some have mediocrity thrust upon them. With me it was all three... ;)
You give yourself far too little credit. :P
Nah. I just wanted to quote Catch-22.

July 2010

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